R.O water Treatment chemical manufacturer & suppliers in Mumbai


Nero Acqua system are engaged R.O water Treatment chemical manufacturer & suppliers in Mumbai.These R.O water Treatment chemical manufacturer are reliable and available at affordable prices to satisfy the customers. Our qualified and experienced professionals are strictly adhered to world-class quality parameters to formulate effective.

R.O water Treatment chemical manufacturer & suppliers in Mumbai provides Reverse osmosis (RO), also known as called hyper filtration, is utilized by our Commercial and Industrial Brackish Water and Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems to purge water by evacuating salts and different pollutions. It is likewise equipped for dismissing microscopic organisms, sugars, proteins, particles, colors, and different constituents that have a sub-atomic weight of more prominent than 150-250 daltons.

Nero Acqua system makes a full line of seawater desalination frameworks intended for substantial or persistent obligation benefit in the marine applications where quality and tried and true execution are keys. Our standard Brackish R.O water Treatment chemical manufacturer & suppliers in Mumbai are accessible with limits going from 250 GPD to 500,000 GPD, and our R.O water Treatment chemical are accessible with limits extending from 200 lit/hr to 20000 lit.hr. Nero Acqua system is additionally fit for assembling custom constructed R.O plants.

Districts and modern offices can utilize RO pervade as a reliably unadulterated drinking water supply and to change drinking water to high immaculateness water for mechanical use at microelectronics, sustenance and refreshment, power, marine and pharmaceutical facilities.

R. O. Treatment Chemical is designed to prevent scale deposits and boi-fouling of membranes
1. Silica Antiscalant for R. O. Membrane Improves efficiency of R. O. Plants
2. Liquid product, safe to handle, easy to use, ecofriendly
3. Available in various packing size 5Litre, 20 Litre, 35 Litre, HDPE Carboye


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