Cooling Tower Treatment Chemical manufacturers in Mumbai


Nero Acqua System are engaged in Cooling Tower Treatment Chemical manufacturers in Mumbai. These Cooling Tower Treatment Chemical manufacturers in Mumbai are reliable and available at affordable prices to satisfy the customers. Our qualified and experienced professionals are strictly adhered to world-class quality parameters to formulate effective Cooling Tower Treatment Chemical.

Cooling Tower Treatment Chemical manufacturers in Mumbai are utilized generally because of their ideal cooling innovation for mechanical procedures and HVAC applications. Water deficiencies joined with expanded water utilization have consolidated to diminish the accessibility and increment the cost of excellent cosmetics water for cooling tower frameworks. Stringent ecological controls for profluent water release have prompted a squeezing requirement for better innovation and items. This combined with the control of scale, organic fouling, statement and consumption has expanded the difficulties in the best possible operation and upkeep of a compelling cooling water framework.

Combination of polymer & an organo-inorganic formulation of liquid chemicals i.e. NAS-C1 TO NAS-C10
1. NAS-C1 /NAS-C2 is based on cathodic-anodic corrosion inhibitor NAS-C2 based on Co-Polymer, Zinc Organophosphonat based chemistry for MS /SS and copper Corrosion protection. It is phosphate base chemical
2. NAS-C3 it is used to controle the alkalinity in cooling tower is called as alkalinity controller
3. NAS-C4 it is a microbiocide, quaternary ammonium compound base biocide
4. NAS-C5 it is penta chloro phenate non oxidizing biocide in liquid form. it controls algae, fungi, and bacteria. it effective wide range of ph 6.5 to 9.0 , it use for cooling tower treatment
5. NAS-C6 it is a biocide to control the bacteria present in cooling tower water, iso-thiozolin base
6. NAS-C7 it is a dispersant ,it control the deposition of po4,so4, sio2, and calcium scales
7. NAS-C8/NAS-C9 it is a nitrite or molebulate base liquid formulation chemical. ph buffer and yellow metal corrosion inhibitor, it use cooling system like dg set and chiller
8. NAS-C10 it is bromin base biocide, it works more effective under alkaline condition


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